God Meets Our Needs!

When the Genesee County Community Care Task Force was originally sending names of families who were in need of assistance, Fenton Center of Hope was one of the first agencies ready to deliver. One day, we were told we were going to be given 25-30 loads of food to deliver and we set up drivers accordingly. There were more calls coming into the Task Force than anticipated and the Fenton Center of Hope ended up being given 70 loads for the day! The phone literally rang as we were wondering how we could possibly find enough drivers to make all the deliveries. It was a local brokerage firm which had several employees available to drive and deliver. The number of loads they were able to take was exactly what was needed. God has provided over and over again throughout this pandemic and He’s using people just like you and me!



A Story of Healing

A man in the community who was fighting cancer called the Fenton Center of Hope for help. We provided him with food to meet his immediate needs and prayer for strength and healing. This relationship developed over the next year and in time he was healed! Bob and Jennifer were unaware that his mom was living across the country and was not able to care for him like she was wanting until they received the sweetest thank you card. She was appreciative of the help they were able to offer her son and praised God for sending him to Fenton Center of Hope.

John’s Story


Former addict shares story of hope
Fenton Center of Hope gave him the tools to move forward

John Osborne, formerly of Fenton who now resides in Arizona, is eternally grateful to Bob and Jennifer Strygulec, directors of Fenton Center of Hope. It was through their love and compassion, and refusal to give up on Osborne that led to his recovery and giving him a new lease on life.  Osborne, 48, was born in Flint and lived in Fenton since he was 5 years old. He graduated from Lake Fenton High School in 1991. continue to article…


A Story of Redemption

How an entire family was changed

It was Thanksgiving weekend and things were winding down at the center. Jennifer was on her way out when the phone rang. She thought about not answering but picked up the phone to hear a weary voice on the other end asking for help. Jennifer offered to meet her at the Food Pantry and within the hour the woman arrived. As she was busy picking items from the pantry Jennifer tried to engage the woman in conversation only to get short, almost rude replies. Jennifer continued to bag up the woman’s groceries. The woman apologized and explained that she was under a huge amount of stress. She told how her sister had returned home addicted to heroin. The sister claimed to want to go to rehab but the intake date was the following week, leaving this woman with a hard decision to make. She ended up sacrificing her own Thanksgiving weekend with her husband and children to tend to her sister. Jennifer offered to pray with the woman and after the prayer was over the woman looked at her and asked if she would pray again with her mother and sister, who were waiting in her car. Excited and curious Jennifer met the woman’s sister and mother in the parking lot where they began to pray. The exact words don’t matter as much as the heart behind the words. Words of hope, love and endurance came out of Jennifer as she asked God to help this woman stick with her rehabilitation and to come to know the love of the Father. The prayer ended and the groceries got loaded into the car and they drove away. Only knowing their first names Jennifer wondered what the future held for the three women.

Six weeks later, a gentleman called the center asking if he could come to the food pantry for groceries. Jennifer came into the pantry after he arrived and was shocked when she heard a woman she didn’t recognize say to the man, “Dad! This is the lady that helped me out before I went to rehab!” It took Jennifer a moment to realize who this woman was and then it clicked! This was the sister! She looked nothing like her former self. She gave Jennifer eye contact with bright, clear eyes and smiled from ear to ear. She explained that the man she was with was her father and he was on his way into a rehab program! She declared that God had been doing awesome things in her family and that they had all decided to live their lives for the Lord. Amen! This story is just one of the amazing experiences that have taken place at the Fenton Center of Hope! We cant take any of the credit. It was because we were available that God was able to invade this particular family and turn their lives upside down to advance His Kingdom! What a gracious God we serve!